Commission info


For an overview of the commissions types I offer, have a look at my services.



If you'd like to discuss your idea or get an estimate of the turn around time & price, please send me an e-mail.


For personal commissions, you may also use this form.



Each commission will be priced individually, based on size, style, complexity and planned use. The information on this website is subject to change and no rights can be derived from it. By commissioning me, you automatically agree to my Terms & Conditions.

Step 1: briefing

  • Initial e-mail contact to discuss the details of the commissions, turn around time and price. You provide reference pictures and tell me which elements are important to you and which parts you'd like to leave up to my artistic interpretation. You will receive a Paypal invoice. I require payment upfront, but I can offer spread payment for larger/ongoing commissions or repeat clients.

Step 2: thumbnail sketches

  • Within a couple days after I've received your payment, you will receive a first set of thumbnail sketches. There's room for feedback and additional input or ideas. I will create additional thumbnail sketches if needed. Using your input and feedback, I will create a more detailed base sketch. Step 1 and 2 take roughly 20% of the total time.


All revisions before the approval of the base sketch count as the first round of revisions.

Step 3: base sketch approval + rendering

  • After approval of the base sketch, major revisions can no longer be made (or at an additional 10% charge of the base price of the art, per revision). Next, I'll work on the lineart and/or rendering values, colors and details. This part takes roughly 80% of the total time, and I will sometimes deviate a little from the base sketch, if I feel that improves the overall image. I will keep you posted with (daily) work-in-progress updates via email, and I encourage you to respond asap if anything looks off to you.


All revisions during step 3 are considered part of the process, within reason.

Step 4: minor revisions

  • When nearing completion, I will send you a digital 'proof' of the final art. There's room for (minor) revisions and small adjustments such as warping, color corrections or level/value tweaks.


All revisions during step 4 count as the second round of revisions.

Step 5: final files

  • You will receive a high-res PNG file of the art, and additional versions as per your request (for example: including bleed/trim areas, or optimized for digital use).