Portraits & fanart

Custom art of fictional characters, online persona's, people portraits and/or portraits of pets. The price depends on size, complexity, style and intended use.


Illustrations are typically pictures used to accompany an article, tell a story, or visually explain something. Custom illustrations are unique and can enhance your website, book or article. Price for usage rights will be calculated separately from the base-price of the artwork.

Concept art

Visual development of characters, creatures, costumes and props. (No environments).

Tattoo designs

Based on your ideas I will create clean lineart (that can be traced easily by the tattoo artist) and optional references for shading / coloring. The design will be optimized (simplified) to look clean and age well, leaving room for the tattoo artist to alter the design and add more details as they see fit.


To get an estimate of the price and turn around time, please send me an email with a description, including:



  • Dimensions: in cm or inches (e.g. 500 x 1500 pixels, 20 x 30 cm, 6" x 9" or A3)
  • Pixel resolution: 72 ppi for digital use, 300 ppi for printing, 720 ppi for fine art prints



  • Portrait(s)
  • Illustration
  • Tattoo design
  • Other?



  • Sketch or (Flatcolored) lineart or Fully rendered
  • B&W or Color


Usage permissions:

If it's not for personal use, please describe the planned use, type of medium, distribution, duration and exclusivity.


Other important details:

  • Schedule, due dates, deliverables, NDA...